1.Q What is Giftkarting & how is it different from others?
Ans: We are innovative, fast paces and quick step approach platform offering E cards by way of Free Gifts, Gift Vouchers, Packaged Gifts & Corporate/Bulk Enquiries
2.Q How does a person know the gift is being sent?
Ans: The sender & recipient receives an email/sms confirmation.
3.Q Can we trace the gift until it’s being availed?
Ans: Yes: Your account on GK can track gift at every stage until it’s availed.
4.Q Can I use facebook login or do I have to one created by Giftkarting?
Ans: For now use the one created by Giftkarting. Using Facebook, should be in upcoming releases.
5.Q How can I redeem a gift I have received?
Ans: 3 Kind of Gifts including Free, Gift Vouchers & Package Gifts can be redeemed by either of the methods:
  1. For Non Smart Phone users - Producing the Email Print Copy with the Scratch Code (prior to printing hard copy) along with your cell phone SMS that has a message details from Giftkarting.
  2. For Smart Phone users – Use sms and/or App – scratch code
  3. Hand over the code to the merchant counter before using the service. Merchant would be trained for the next step.
6.Q Can I exchange my gift?
Ans: This option is being explored.
7.Q Can I forward my gift?
Ans: This option is being explored.
8.Q Can I get refund?
Ans: No.
9.Q Do gifts have an expiry date?
Ans: Yes. Reminder would be sent 15 days prior to person who has received the gift.
10.Q How do I know my gift card is expired?
Ans: Giftkarting would send reminder 15 days prior to expiry date and also after it’s expired.
11.Q How do I know the gift card expiry date before purchasing?
Ans: Every Voucher will carry its own Expiry Date mentioned when you open the listing. If you are a recipient, it will mention in the Email / SMS Gift Card that you receive.
12.Q How can I pay for a gift card?
Ans: Debit / Credit Card / Netbanking
13.Q Are there any hidden charges?
Ans: No.
14.Q Who should I contact for payment related issues and discrepancy?
Ans: You can write to customer care and get a reply in 24 hours or call the office between 10:30am to 6am, Mon to Saturday.
15.Q Where can I find terms and conditions for each gift card before choosing one?
Ans: Every gift card before or after purchasing would have its own T&C.
16.Q Can I send gift cards without registering?
Ans: Yes.
17.Q What is MyAccount?
Ans: Gifts sent, gifts received, Payment history and Favorites.
18.Q Where are the gift cards accepted?
Ans: All retail outlet locations as mentioned under the respective listings signed with Giftkarting.
19.Q How do I carry so many gift cards in my purse/wallet?
Ans: We have the unique My Wallet Application which allows you to store unused Gift Cards, besides browsing and searching for new ones. There are no physical cards involved here. All you need is a phone with minimum SMS facility and possibly a print out (email).
20.Q How are the gift cards delivered?
Ans: On Email or SMS (non smart phone) or Scratch code on smart phone
21.Q What are the kind of Gifts I can avail on this site?
Ans: Free Gifts, Gift Vouchers, Package Gifts or Bulk and/or Corporate Enquiries.
22.Q How do I choose my Gifts?
Ans: Click on Start Gifting and follow the process. Choose the particular listings as per Recipient Type, Occasion or General Basis. See the flash video or animation explaining the process.
23.Q Can I edit any information before purchasing the gift?
Ans: Yes you can edit n number of times before making a purchase.
24.Q Can I claim cash refund for Gifted Vouchers?
Ans: No.
25.Q Can my Gifts received be misused?
Ans: Yes, in case if you share your email print with anybody or forward the E-Gift Card which you receive on your smartphones. Alert Giftkarting right away the moment you realize an abuse. As a platform, the merchant brands will accept the 1st holder of the E-Card, unless the abuse or loss of card is informed in prior to the customer service. There is block/cancel code on your sms to block it if you think the scratch code is leaked.
26.Q How is my credit card information protected?
Ans: Atkom has tie up with one of India’s topmost payment gateway system and so rest assured. The data is encrypted and so it’s totally protected.
27.Q How can misuse of gift card be tracked and monitored to ensure safety?
Ans: Giftkarting has a process of tracking the entire card process right from booking to purchase to sending it to end user to until it’s availed and validated from merchant by us.

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